What I Read Online – 10/18/2012 (a.m.)

18 Oct
      • 18 October 2012:


        Over the past couple of weeks I have been blessed to have two brothers-in-Christ come along side me and loving admonish me to reconsider the tone use in this blog post along with my conclusions.


        I am deeply blessed to have men like this in my life (one doesn’t even live in NZ).


        After hearing their concerns and prayerfully reading what I have written here I believe it is my responsibility to:



        1. Seek forgiveness for my harsh tone. I have contacted both George Wieland and Charles Hewlett seeking their forgiveness, but believe I must state this here for all those who have read or will read this post. I ask that they and any readers would forgive me for the harshness of my tone.
        2. I also acknowledge that I drew conclusions which are unjustifiable from this one presentation. To state that someone does not take the “authority of Scripture” seriously or practices as one who does not believe in the “authority of Scripture” is a serious conclusion and accusation. Please forgive me for this unjustified and unnecessary statement.


        In the blog post below, rather than delete what I said previously, I will strike though those portions which I now believe were unjustified, unhelpful, and harsh. I am doing this with a desire to take full responsibility for my words and not just cover them up by deleting them.


        I pray the Lord will continue to use His Word and faithful friends through His Spirit to convict me of sin and change me more into the image of His Son.


        – Joe Fleener

    • Almost every young minister of the gospel could do with a Newton. They may not always realise that they need a Newton, but they probably do. To be blunt, they may not always want a Newton; those are the times when they need one most.
    • Would it bother you to be without your Bible? Could you preach without it? Live without it? Worship without it? Perhaps we have learned a casual neglect of that which is more precious than thousands of pieces of gold and silver (Ps 119.72)?
    • The story is told of a debate in the seventeenth century, I think it may have been among the Westminster divines. One man stood and was making a powerful address concerning some particular point. His opponent in the matter was observed to be writing fairly constantly on his paper. When his turn came, this opponent rose to his feet and delivered a magnificent oration, well-ordered and insightful, Scriptural and compelling, profound and persuasive.

      When this tour de force was completed, a man nearby glanced at the notes that had prompted this outpouring of genuine and gracious eloquence, and found a single phrase repeated over and over across the page: “More light, Lord!”

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