What I Read Online – 10/04/2012 (p.m.)

05 Oct
    • In the end, not gossiping recommends the gospel. It
    • have been persuaded today by concerned parties to enter the lists on the issue of how Luther has been co-opted for the cause of a kind of neo-antinomianism/Sonship theology by some figures in the YRR movement who are using his idioms of law/gospel dialectic and theology of the cross for their own theological ends.  The issue is complex, despite the fact that those using Luther in this way have generally confined themselves to the genres of blog posts and potboilers — not media known for their susceptibility to the complex and subtle.  Thus, the response, when it appears, will not appear here first and is months away.  Suffice it to say at this point, those who build their foundations on select quotations from Luther’s pre-1525 writings, or who use such as the dominant interpretative matrix for statements from later works, present conclusions based upon highly flawed methodological premisses as I hope to make clear at some point

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