What I Read Online – 10/01/2012 (p.m.)

02 Oct
    • But biblical knowledge must not be confused with true faith or spiritual maturity. Faith is more than what you do with your brain. Knowledge doesn’t define faith. For example, you can actually be mature in your understanding of God’s sovereignty but still live a life of fear, because in your immaturity you have attached your security more to your control than to God’s wise rule. Ultimately, faith is a heart investment that leads to a radically new way of life.
    • But there is a critical difference between street-level wisdom gained from experience and spiritual maturity. You may know what’s going to happen next, but you may not deal well with these circumstances because you lack maturity.
    • This is humbling stuff because it requires us to admit that we have no power whatsoever to change anyone. We have no ability to advance God’s kingdom
    • Pastor, do you examine yourself daily by humbly placing yourself before the one mirror you can trust, the mirror of the Word of God?
    • The Excerpt:


      Abroad, Green is putting Scripture into the hands of nonbelievers. “People ask, ‘How are you going to get a Bible to everyone in the world?’ We’re doing it,” Green says. Through foundations he supports, he has already distributed nearly 1.4 billion copies of Gospel literature in more than 100 countries, mostly in Africa and Asia. The OneHope Foundation targets children age 4 to 14 with Scripture tailored to them, while Every Home for Christ sends evangelists with Bible booklets door-to-door in some of the poorest countries on Earth. “It’s not like you give them that but don’t give them food; you do both,” Green stresses. But the priority is clear: “If I die without food or without eternal salvation, I want to die without food.”

    • St Helen‘s Bishopsgate  an Evangelical Anglican Church in the heart of London have launched an  excellent new monthly video series ‘Preaching Matters’ designed to  equip, inspire and encourage all of us who teach God’s word. It’s out on  the first Monday of each month starting Monday 1 October. Find it on  their website  or on their vimeo channel.

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