What I Read Online – 09/27/2012 (a.m.)

27 Sep
    • all of which has the ready appeal of reading minutes from a planning board.
    • J.K. Rowling’s first non-Harry Potter book,’The Casual Vacancy,’ aims to lure in adult readers with graphic language, sex and plenty of naughty bits.
    • She shows herself proficient at tossing out the F-word, and a long passage is devoted to an exploration of online porn by two teenage boys who get an eyeful.
    • The civil authorities are appointed by God and are accountable to him. They will answer to him for the manner in which they exercise their power, and will be judged as men for the discharge of their authority. We who are Christians are also accountable to God, and are called to a righteous recognition of and responsibility to those whom God has placed over us.
    • What of these realities, duties and hopes can be for one moment or to one iota altered by events in this world?  We must remember that we are citizens not just of some great kingdom, but of the greatest and only enduring kingdom that this world will ever know, a kingdom that is – in fact – otherworldly
    • It does not depend on this world; it will never be advanced by this world; its progress may be relatively impeded by things in this world, but it can never be overcome by the world
    • We must remember that while the world cannot ultimately impede the progress of God’s kingdom, neither is it the means by which God’s kingdom advances.
    • Family ties are one thing.  We have no choice over them.  But there are other ties that bind that can be equally damaging.  The feudal ties of voluntary confederations and personal friendships can be just as powerful and have negative effects that seem less excusable precisely because water is, as they say, not as thick as blood.  How many of us have kept quiet on issues because of the fear of offending a friend?  Or because of the potential for upsetting the big names on whom some rely for public profile and media access? How often have friendships which should provide a context for plain speaking actually proved to be the reason for cowardly silence?   Bad company corrupts morals, as somebody once said.

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