What I Read Online – 09/26/2012 (a.m.)

26 Sep
    • In his new book on holiness, Kevin DeYoung devotes an entire chapter to the pressing issue of sexual morality (chapter 8), and a large portion of that chapter addresses Christians who are dating or courting. So what would he say as a pastor to a man and woman who are asking the question, “How far is too far before marriage?” Kevin answers in this clip (4 minutes):
    • You don’t need to believe in infant baptism to risk falling into the presumption that if you do x, z, and z, your children will be saved. Baptists and my fellow home-schoolers can do this too at times. That’s why I usually call this “presumptuous parenting” rather than “hyper-covenantal parenting.” It’s a problem that impacts more than infant-baptizing churches.
    • I assume my children are born unregenerate, but I use all the means of grace God has made available through the church, education, and family religion, and optimistically preach the Gospel to them at every opportunity, reminding them again and again of both their privileges and responsibility.


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