What I Read Online – 09/25/2012 (a.m.)

25 Sep
    • We tend to think of our students’ minds as finite shoeboxes, and we then think we must take special care not to put anything in there if we do not want it to remain there for life. But the brain is more like a muscle. A student who learns one language, such as Latin, is not stuck with his shoebox three-quarters full, with no room for Spanish. Rather the student has a mind that has been stretched and exercised in such a way that subsequent learning is much easier, not much harder.
    • 41 Classic Reformed Essays formatted for your iPad or Android Tablet (.pdf)
    • it is surely strange that the idea of being alone with one’s thoughts for even a moment has now become something which seems to terrify people or at least be most undesirable
    • Here is a suggestion for pastors (though of course it is not limited to them). Consider studying a figure from church history—you could do one a year—and then give your congregation a gift of teaching them about this person. It will allow you to go deep into the life of an influential and flawed person, both encouraging you and instructed you by means of their faith and foibles.
    • But most sermons are “base hits”. The preacher presents the meaning of the text, teaches and applies it faithfully, and the congregation receives it gladly. Nothing unusual seems to happen, but God’s people are taught his word and the church moves on.


    • Preaching is normally an exercise of faith more than sight. We don’t always see the immediate results of our labors, but the preacher must press on in confidence that God is powerfully accomplishing his purposes.
    • The demand for significance can also lead to the neglect of the family when certain people in the church make him feel more significant than his wife and children do.  A pastor can easily deceive himself that he really needs to meet with a young man in the church to help him work through his problems—even if it means missing dinner with the family for the third straight evening.  A pastor should not underestimate the persuasive power of a young man who thinks he hung the moon and hangs on every word he says, when compared to a tired, spent wife and cranky toddlers that await his homecoming.


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