What I Read Online – 09/18/2012 (p.m.)

19 Sep
    • And so whether we examine Genesis 3:16b up close or zoom out to embrace the whole Bible, the meaning of “desire” as “possess” or “control” makes best sense of what we find. It fits. We might also add that it makes sense of much of our experience, but, of course, that’s a secondary matter.
    • Foh was reacting specifically to the second wave of feminism (the third wave began in the 90s, so it wasn’t an issue at the time). It is odd that such a new interpretation of Scripture for a reason that surfaced in the last 0.08 percent of human history (and that’s generous) keeps popping up in modern writing among Reformed conservatives who are known for their love of church history.
    • If we read Genesis 3:16 in the straightforward way translators write it—“her desire/craving/longing will be for her husband”—it requires no hermeneutical backflips. As a result of the Fall, even though childbirth is painful and the man rules her, the woman still has a morbid craving for him, looking to him in unhealthy ways that do not reflect her status as an image-bearer of God. The woman wants something from the man that he was never intended to provide, that even on his best day he is not equipped to provide. He becomes an idol.

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