What I Read Online – 09/18/2012 (a.m.)

18 Sep
    • Two things came to mind: the beautiful young things of the reformed renaissance have a hard choice to make in the next decade.  You really do kid only yourselves if you think you can be an orthodox Christian and be at the same time cool enough and hip enough to cut it in the wider world. Frankly, in a couple of years it will not matter how much urban ink you sport, how much fair trade coffee you drink, how many craft brews you can name, how much urban gibberish you spout, how many art house movies you can find that redeemer figure in, and how much money you divert from gospel preaching to social justice: maintaining biblical sexual ethics will be the equivalent in our culture of being a white supremacist.
    • But there’s more. Of both these lenses, one must necessarily always be part of the other. The zoom lens, that is, the gospel of the cross, must always be part of the broader explanation. Without the death and resurrection of Jesus to save sinners, there’s no remaking of a new world. Without the forgiveness of sins — my sins and your sins — because Jesus died in our place, there’s not really a “whole good news” of anything. The cross is, as it were, the heartbeat, the key. It is the thing you must say.
    • The gospel is that Jesus Christ came to the earth to die for our sins, that he was raised from the dead, and is enthroned as Lord of all, and that when we repent and believe in him he brings us into fellowship with God by his Spirit and makes us new creatures fit for a new world.

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