What I Read Online – 09/17/2012 (p.m.)

18 Sep
    • Although Baptists do not see their children as members of the “covenant community,” most of my Baptist friends do at least as good a job at “covenantal parenting” as paedo-Baptists!


    • If Baptists sometimes suffer from a lack of confidence, paedo-Baptists can suffer from over-confidence, or more accurately, false confidence. They often presume their children are already Christians and raise them as such
    • Parenting Presumption
       While most Reformed believers will shudder at the thought of saving faith being imparted at baptism, an increasing number seem to believe that Baptism + Christian parenting will automatically do the same thing. As long as children are baptized, raised by Christian parents, taught by Christian teachers, trained in Christian behavior, and don’t reject Christianity, it is presumed that they are Christians.


    • Increasing amounts of external discipline and rules are then used to conform the children to Christian norms, and as long as they match up externally, they are told and assured that they are believers. Sounds a lot like the Judaism of Christ’s day doesn’t it! And we know what He preached to the presumptuous then, don’t we (John 3: 1-16; John 8:33-45)!
    • This is a question I am getting more and more because of the increase of pastors facing this situation in their churches.  This is especially common among the elderly who meet someone, desire to get married and share their life with this person, but may lose benefits and financial compensation from their first marriage or the government if they remarry.  As a result, many couples are choosing to share their life together, live together, declare they are married before God, but are bypassing the state’s recognition of their marriage to keep their benefits.


    • The Bible describes motherhood as neither a diminishing of a woman’s personhood nor the sum of her personhood. Motherhood, ultimately, is about a different Person all together. Orienting my affections to appreciate God through his gift of motherhood is more easily said than done.


    • Again there is the lack of prayer and of the Church praying. This is to me the most alarming, for this reason: we have built apparently strong, large, successful, active churches. But many of our churches never meet as a congregation for prayer. I mean never!

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