What I Read Online – 09/14/2012 (p.m.)

15 Sep
    • Paul doesn’t treat the Abrahamic covenant merely as typological of Christ, but sees the new covenant as the only possible fulfillment of the worldwide promise to Abraham. The Mosaic covenant was essential in the historical unfolding of the covenant of grace leading to Christ, but it was strictly temporary, typological, conditional, and limited to one geo-political nation.
    • We are saved apart from our proper theology in order to develop a proper theology. It’s not an either/or debate. Therefore, we should careful not to require a checklist of doctrines in order for a Muslim to be considered a Christian. We must present them with the basic gospel message of repentance and faith that comes through the death and resurrection of Jesus. We need to realize that people often enter the kingdom with bad theology. They actually know very little
    • Requiring “Westminster quality” theology for salvation is not realistic. However, we must not neglect teaching Muslim-background believers God’s Word either. Bad theology is not an option in the ongoing life of a believer.
    • We should not make a full understanding of them a requirement for salvation, but we should make them a requirement for discipleship.
      • Finally, here are some question you can ask Muslims to discern their position in the process of salvation and discipleship:


        • What do you believe about Jesus?
        • What do you believe about the Bible?
        • Who made Jesus?
        • Do you think you can do enough good works to get to heaven?
        • On what basis does God extend his mercy to you?
        • What do you believe about Muhammad?
        • What do you believe about the Qu’ran?
        • Do you think Jesus died on the cross for your sins?
        • Do you think Jesus rose from the dead?
        • Do you believe that Jesus is God?
    • Liberty Christian Ministries Incorporated offers support to men and women who struggle with unwanted same-sex attractions (USSA) and to those who have friends/relatives/spouses who have embraced the ‘gay’ lifestyle or have same-sex attractions.
    • Not long ago, someone asked me how long I’ve been dealing with same-sex attractions. I was surprised to find a big, round number before me: 20 years. Of those 20 years, five and a half have been as a married man and as a father. I’m not gay: I’m a new creation in Christ. I am a Christian struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions (SSA). I am a pastoral worker and a Bible college student, and homosexuality has been a prominent part of my journey as a Christian. I wish that it were not so, though part of me knows that God has been using this struggle powerfully to bring me to himself.
    • For some, this is good news: homosexuality is no worse than other sins in the eyes of God, as all sin is equally punishable.
    • Sexual immorality messes with you more than most other sins because it has a much greater power to destroy individuals, families, and churches. Sexual immorality leads to death, warping one’s understanding of God and self.
    • Same-sex attraction, though, is almost doubly harmful because it involves lusting after people who are not the natural object of sexual attraction. In other words, those with SSA struggle not only against lust but also to an unnatural form of lust.

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