What I Read Online – 09/13/2012 (a.m.)

13 Sep
    • Poor papers often focus on the person: both the critic and the one being criticized.
    • Simply to trace a view to its origin—as Roman Catholic, Arminian, Lutheran, Reformed, Anabaptist/Baptist, etc.—is not to offer an argument for or against it.
    • If you’re going to make a logical argument that certain premises lead to a certain conclusion, then you need to make the case and must also be careful to clarify whether the interlocutor either did make that move or did not but (logically) should have.


    • What I said then I’ll say again now: Jones’ actions are stupid and selfish
    • To murder an ambassador over a YouTube video is wicked and evil.
    • No pastor or cartoonist or novelist is responsible for the outrage and violence carried out by some extremists Muslims and by terrorist-affiliated groups.
    • Will peoples who believe in free speech and freedom of religion sacrifice both when faced with the angry shouts and gunfire of those who don’t? As long as top ranking officials plead with crazy pastors every time they are itching to be annoying, the aggravating people among us will wield astronomically more power than they deserve. Citizens in this country have freedom of speech, which means they have the right to be annoying. Our authorities ought to protect that right, no matter whom they offend, including Muslims
    • There something powerful and special about male friendships when they are centered on Christ and his Kingdom.  Such friendships draw us out of our preoccupation with the world’s version of manhood—which is typically centered on career or recreation—a remind us of what God really made us to be
    • The  modern church needs to take a cue from Lewis and Tolkien on the nature of male friendships. We have a dearth of good male leaders.  And perhaps one reason is because we have a dearth of good male friendships.
    • Pastors, just remember you don’t need staff, money, or a course to teach you how to mentor.  You just need a pastor’s heart and a willingness to give your time to those who the Lord is raising up within your congregation and drag them along with you as you pastor your church.
    • Nothing in the Bible equates godliness with avoiding controversy at all costs. But on the other hand, there is no biblical evidence to suggest that maximizing disagreements and escalating tensions are marks of Christian maturity.
    • I love courageous elders and fearless pastors. Heaven knows we need more of each. But bravery without brains is no good

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