What I Read Online – 09/12/2012 (p.m.)

13 Sep
    • So savor the Scripture. Read it again and again, and think over what it says. Read widely in the Bible, yes, but also deeply, and by that I mean patiently, carefully, with the discipline of reflection that repays dividends of insight. Taste and see that the text is good!
    • We want the readers of our book to put it down possessing a fresh sense of the glory and power of Christ.
    • We think the most common misunderstanding continues to be the widespread belief that the Bible simply isn’t sufficient for the kinds of hard cases we share in the book. Most Christians tend to believe the Bible is helpful for garden-variety problems only.
    • First, make no provision for the flesh. This is an exhortation for believers to do everything they can to eliminate their access to pornography.
    • A believer isn’t serious about pursuing change until he eliminates the provisions he makes to commit sin.
    • Second, put on Jesus Christ.
    • John Owen says, “Be sure to get an interest in Christ; if you intend to mortify sin without it, it will never be done.”
    • First, you need to find out if your friend is a believer or an unbeliever.
    • Second, be committed to help over the long-term.
    • Third, listen well to the specifics of the struggle.
    • Fourth, find someone who knows more than you who is able to help.
    • he reality is that folks with same-sex attraction aren’t fundamentally different than anybody else, since we all know what it’s like to have sexual desires that God says are sinful.
    • Wherever you find a practice that is vile and disorderly, jealousy and selfish ambition are at the root.
    • Adams will return to New Zealand from Switzerland next Wednesday and the medal ceremony will take place at The Cloud that evening.

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