What I Read Online – 09/10/2012 (p.m.)

11 Sep
    • Every morning of your ministry, you wake up to something. You wake up to a knot in the pit of your stomach at the remembrance of some painful pastoral crisis the night has not taken away. You wake up to feeling overwhelmed and overburdened by your responsibilities. You wake up to the feeling of being underappreciated, undervalued, and misunderstood. Or you wake up to bits and pieces of all of these things, but with something that overwhelms them all. You wake up to a deep motivating sense of identity and place.
    • First, remember that you are never on your own because the One you represent is an ever-loving and ever-faithful Father
    • Along with these blessings, you can rest in the reality that there is a King, and he is not you. You don’t have to work yourself into a position of ministry sovereignty. You don’t have to shoulder the burdens of a king.
    • But what if “keeping it simple” is really distorting the message? What if our message isn’t really simple? What if the gospel is complex, rich, multifaceted, nuanced, far-reaching, and touching upon an infinite number of other aspects of life? What if the Bible isn’t really a simple book after all? What if God’s Word points us to its inspirer—the God who is beyond comprehension, beyond finding out, beyond our finite reasoning, and beyond all we can pull together?


    • Maybe we should try to “keep it complicated” because God’s Word and his gospel are complicated—not in the “confusing” sense of complicated but in the rich and beautiful and intellectually fulfilling and aesthetically pleasing and awe-inspiring ways. I think it’s worth the experiment—both for the deepening of our faith and the challenging of our friends’ searches.
    • But for good reason many churches have found it helpful to set aside a time to talk with a membership candidate before he or she joins the church. In my experience, these interview sessions represent an extremely valuable pastoral opportunity. It’s a chance to ask questions, provide pastoral care, and shape the candidates’ understanding of their role in the church.

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