What I Read Online – 09/09/2012 (a.m.)

09 Sep
    • Focusing on your marriage can be a good thing. And it can really mess you up.


    • If we make secondary things primary, they cease to be secondary and become idolatrous. They have their place. But they are not first, and they are not guaranteed. . . .
    • To be born again is, as it were, to enter upon a new existence,
      to have a new mind and a new heart, new views, new principles,
      new tastes, new affections, new likings and new dislikings,
      new fears, new joys, new sorrows,
      new love to things once hated, new hatred to things once loved,
      new thoughts of God and ourselves and the world and the life to come…
      And it is indeed a true saying that he who has gone through it is a new man, a new creature,
      for old things are passed away —
      behold, he can say, all things are become new!

      ~ JC Ryle

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