What I Read Online – 09/07/2012 (p.m.)

08 Sep
      • Nearly 25 years ago, Tim Keller argued that the works of the Puritans are a rich resource for biblical counseling for the following six reasons:



    • Before you set out on a semester of sensuality, before you go lower to feel higher, before you trade in godly character for a hip caricature, consider these wise words from an unlikely source:


    • This is another way of saying that the plot lines in The Lord of the Rings are cruciform. And when this kind of structure is combined with Tolkien’s vast learning, painstaking attention to detail, and imagination stocked with tales from everywhere, you have a story for the ages.
    • Thus, Christian readers are drawn to The Lord of the Rings because they encounter within its pages a world that affirms Judeo-Christian concepts of good and evil, virtue and vice. And yet, at the same time, Tolkien’s epic fantasy has attracted tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of atheist and agnostic readers intrigued by a world that privileges many of the things they reject: absolute standards of right and wrong; hierarchy and kingship; the reality of a supernatural realm that impinges upon the natural; the existence of a higher purpose that chooses us rather than us choosing it.

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