What I Read Online – 09/07/2012 (a.m.)

07 Sep
    • began the day with private prayers followed by family prayers, by candlelight in winter… Care for his children’s souls was, of course, his pre-eminent concern.  In the morning devotions he quizzed them on Scripture with questions appropriate to their ages… Each meal was accompanied by household devotions, and at the end of each day Sarah joined him in his study for prayers.


    • Talking about God’s love sounds like a simple theological task, but it’s actually one of the trickiest. I’ve heard of churches debating whether their kids should be taught “Jesus Loves Me” (some of the children might be reprobate, you never know). I know many more churches which so emphasize God’s all-encompassing love for everyone everywhere, that it’s hard to figure out why anyone should bother to become a Christian. The fact is that God loves everyone and he doesn’t. He hates the world and he loves the world. He can’t possibly love his adopted children any more than he does, and he is profoundly grieved by our sin. The challenge of good theology is to explain how the Bible provides warrant for all those statements and how they all fit together.
    • But I’m thinking that if we don’t have categories for spiritual warfare, then we’re probably losing the war in some area of our Christian lives.
    • First, since our own desires and thoughts are the battleground of this warfare, we must put our flesh to death
    • Second, since the world conspires with our flesh against God, we must cultivate a holy hatred against the world system
    • Third, constantly mortifying the flesh and renewing our minds and affections for God, we must take our stand against the devil:


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