What I Read Online – 09/04/2012 (p.m.)

05 Sep
    • Pupils should not be subjected to full classroom tuition until the age of six   to off-set the effects of premature “adultification”, it was claimed.
    • He added: “Most children under age six need lots of time to play, and to   develop social skills, and to learn to control their impulses. An   over-emphasis on formal classroom instruction – that is, studies instead of   buddies, or staying in instead of playing out – can have serious effects   that might not be apparent until years later.”
    • For example, I occasionally read “missional” publications, and for all their insistence on dialoging with culture, what I see mostly applauds it. I hear lectures about finding God in Sex and the City, horror movies, and mass-market hip-hop, but after having found God there no one seems to notice the sexual scars, splatter porn, and glorified thuggery.
    • Put another way, Christians ought to be engaged with culture so we can challenge it, remake it, and—at times—bear prophetic witness against it.
    • You can’t evangelize porn stars while still treating them like porn stars; you cannot engage culture while making your primary aim to be entertained by it.
    • We have not yet moved toward the culture missionally, hoping to change it; instead we have raced towards it hungrily, eager to stuff our faces with its desserts.
    • It is critical that we as Christians not only argue for the right position, but we argue for it in the right way based on the right foundation.


      To do otherwise, I believe, demonstrates the same relativism and lack of authority we are arguing against.

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