What I Read Online – 08/31/2012 (a.m.)

31 Aug
    • We find the NIV’s Committee on Bible Translation decision to substitute plural nouns and pronouns for masculine singular nouns and pronouns to be a serious theological weakness and a misguided attempt to make the truth of God’s Word more easily understood. The use of inclusive language in NIV 2011 creates the potential for minimizing the particularity of biblical revelation and, more seriously, at times undermines the saving revelation of Christ as the promised Savior of humankind. Pastors and congregations of the LCMS should be aware of this serious weakness. In our judgment this makes it inappropriate for NIV 2011 to be used as a lectionary Bible or as a Bible to be generally recommended to the laity of our church. This is not a judgment on the entirety of NIV 2011 as a translation—a task that would require a much more extensive study of NIV 2011—but an opinion as to a specific editorial decision which has serious theological implications.
    • But there is an additive ethos to the role of mentor, an intangible necessity for those within our communities to assist parents in the weighty task of raising children. Parents do not abdicate responsibility by allowing others the privilege of teaching/nurturing their children.
    • Also, I desperately need a non-peer for her to talk to when my wife and I screw up as parents.
    • ecause parents and youth pastors can’t do it alone. Consider that there may be a lack of lay-mentors investing in the lives of children and youth who, by their presence and relationship, subtly lift kids out of their default, peer-driven, horizontally focused mindsets and value systems. That person may be you – parent, college student, young couple.
    • Do you as a congregation undertake the responsibility of assisting the parents in the Christian nurture of this child? If so, please raise your right hand.

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