What I Read Online – 08/30/2012 (p.m.)

31 Aug
    • On the one hand, how we understand the whole Bible plays a role in how we interpret Paul. But the converse is true as well. How we understand Paul plays a role in how we interpret all of scripture. We have a dialectic which must be maintained.
    • For a full exposition of this thought I would point readers to Don Carson’s excellent essay in volume 2 of Justification and Variegated Nomism.
    • I think it is better to say that what God has done in Christ is foundational for Paul’s theology, so that if we speak of a center we should speak of being God and Christ centered
    • I think the Pauline portrait and the biblical portrait is that God loves sinners and is also angry at sinners. Both are true. It is not an either-or. The God whose wrath is revealed from heaven (Rom 1:18) because of his great love sent Christ to die for sinners, the weak, the ungodly, and his enemies (Rom 5:6-11). It seems to me that where this comes to the forefront in the book is in the matter of eschatological judgment. I believe
    • Receiving criticism is part of the process of discipleship. It is one of the ways God makes us more like Jesus, so that we live for his glory instead of the praise of people. I don’t enjoy being criticized, but I recognize how the Lord has used it to help me become more like Jesus (though I have a long way to go!). Criticism is also helpful in that I see how others understand and respond to what I wrote. In reading criticisms I often see how I could state something better. I want to be open in reading a critique to correction. I could be wrong! So, I read a critique and think about how to respond well to what is said and consider whether what I wrote needs to be adjusted

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