What I Read Online – 08/28/2012 (p.m.)

29 Aug
    • The late Christopher Hitchens would mockingly cite what appears to be the “second” ten commandments in the Bible in Exodus 34, that on the surface appear to be radically different than the original ten in Exodus 20. This has bothered me from a lay perspective as I haven’t heard many sermons or found many commentaries explaining what this difference is all about. Can you help me reconcile these two passages, and understand which one is which and what the difference is?
    • First, I try to show that it takes faith to doubt Christianity, because any worldview (including secularism or skepticism) is based on assumptions
    • As always, this list provides a fascinating look at the fast pace of cultural change, but one item in particular ought to arrest your attention—No. 3: “The biblical sources of terms such as ‘Forbidden Fruit,’ ‘The writing on the wall,’ ‘Good Samaritan,’ and ‘The Promised Land’ are unknown to most of them.”
    • We who seek to be agents of gospel renewal have twin challenges. We must not only know God’s Word ourselves, but we must also know our audience. We must be able not just to exegete and interpret Scripture, but apply it to the hearts and minds of our hearers. And we should take nothing for granted.

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