What I Read Online – 08/27/2012 (p.m.)

28 Aug
    • So does Giles believe the doctrine of BCP which includes the vows asking women to obey their husbands is agreeable to the Word of God? If that’s no longer the case, would it not be the honourable thing to do to admit you cannot keep your vow and resign as an Anglican clergyman?
    • And our society has put that book 50 Shades of Grey at the top of its best-seller lists and yet tut-tuts us for our views which would never permit the exploitation of women that apparently occurs in that book. What hypocrisy! Christians do not need to fear the opinions of such people.
    • By all means, let’s call on husbands to man up, to take their responsibilities seriously, to sacrifice themselves for their wives, to treat their wives with tender care and respect, and to hate any kind of abuse. But let’s not use ‘mutual submission’ to do it. In fact, I reckon we should avoid using the slogan entirely. It’s lazy, and it’s a bad way to read the Bible.
    • We don’t like to admit it, but how we pastor, “do church,” and (dare we say) approach missions in many ways reflects our theological bent
    • Christ is the great high priest of the new covenant and therefore acts as a representative, substitute, and intercessor on behalf of God’s people
    • to affirm an individual, unconditional, and particular election by the Father and an effectual, unconditional, and particular calling by the Spirit—but then to affirm a universal, provisional, and general atonement by the Son—creates confusion in the mission of the Trinity
    • Behind the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ is a God who has already determined the end from the beginning, including the destination of every living soul—not on the basis of anything we will do but purely because of his good pleasure
    • Perhaps the most common misconception is that Calvinism kills missions. But nothing could be further from the truth
    • Be a consistent Calvinist. If you believe God is sovereign, even when it comes to changing people’s doctrinal beliefs, then pray like it. Get on your knees and pray God would open the eyes of those unsure of his sovereign grace. And be patient. Walk your people slowly through the Scriptures and allow God’s Word to speak for itself
    • First, there is the content part of preaching. Preaching is all about accurately exegeting and understanding the truths of the gospel as they unfold in a particular passage of Scripture
    • It is necessary for me to live with a passage, to carry it around with me, and to marinate my soul with its nourishing and thirst-quenching waters. I simply can’t do this in a couple hours
    • I’m talking about your commitment to do everything you can to winsomely and cogently explain and apply the glorious truths you have exegeted as you committed yourself to the necessary discipline of content. If the process hasn’t begun until Saturday, you have no time whatsoever to develop the communication aspect of your sermon, to think of a helpful turn of phrase, an illuminating personal illustration, or a practical point of gospel application.
    • Everywhere I was called on to preach weekly, I prepared content three or four weeks ahead of time. This allowed truths to marinate in my own heart and become more deeply and practically understood
    • The Saskatchewan government says “no” is not an option for marriage commissioners who are unwilling to wed same-sex couples

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