What I Read Online – 08/26/2012 (a.m.)

26 Aug
    • I realized anew that for a vacation to be an experience in which I vacate not only a geographic location but also whatever makes life fast-paced and stressful, I will need to vacate the Internet
    • 8 7. 8 7 (Sussex)

      Grace abounding! Oh the sweetness
      Of those words to sinful hearts.
      Trace the stream of heavenly mercy
      That on darkened Calvary starts.

      Kings dispensing earthly splendours
      Cannot match our gracious Lord:
      Grace abounding! Oh the riches
      Of the bounty now outpoured.

      Grace divine! How freely given!
      Grace beyond the scope of thought!
      Swell my heart to know the blessing
      That with Jesus’ blood was bought.

      Christ pursues the wandering sinner;
      Christ redeems the wretched soul;
      Christ can meet the utmost need, and
      Christ can make the sinner whole.

      Deepest soundings cannot measure
      All the goodness of God’s grace;
      How my thankful heart rejoices
      At the smile upon God’s face.

      Jesus found me, Jesus bought me,
      Jesus keeps me, holds me fast;
      Christ will bring me safe to glory:
      Christ will lead me home at last.

      Jeremy Walker



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