What I Read Online – 08/18/2012 (a.m.)

18 Aug
    • To thee, O Lord Jesus, we commend ourselves: To thee who judgeth rightly, thy poor Servant resigneth, and committeth this Congregation. The Lord pardon unto me wherein I have been wanting unto them: The Lord pardon unto them, wherein they have been wanting in the hearing of thy Word, that we may not part with sin in our hearts. Unto thee who judgest uprightly I commend them. The Bishop of Souls take care of them: Preserve them from the love of the World: teach them to wait on thee, and to receive from thee whatever any one or Family may stand in need of.


      Provide them a Pastor according unto thine own will, only in the mean time give us that Anointing [that] shall lead us out of our own wills and ways, that we may walk in the ways of Christ Jesus. The Lord Jesus say now amongst them, I am your Shepherd, you shall not want. Say to them as thou didst to thy Disciples, Let not your hearts be troubled, you believe in the Father, believe also in me. So far as we are able we put thy Name upon them: we name the Name of the Lord Jesus over them. The Lord Jesus bless them; teach them to follow Holiness, Peace, and a Heavenly Conversation. The Lord make them useful to each other. The Lord Jesus be a blessing to them, and me and all ours. The God of Peace and Consolation fill them with blessings according as thou seest every one stand in need of. To thee, O Lord, we commend them, do thou receive them, that under thy counsel they may be preserved blameless, until the day [of] Jesus, where we may all meet crowned with Glory. Amen.

    • Let me just say this bluntly. This is not just a statement we ought to disagree with. This is of the devil.


    • My friend, do you ever marvel at the goodness and grace of the Lord toward you? You might, with perfect justice, have been forever cast into the depths of the pit. You might, with absolute equity, live and die without ever knowing that there is salvation for a sinner like you. You might, without any dent in or damage to the reputation of the Holy One of Israel, have been immediately and forever abandoned to your doom
    • have not and still don’t believe there is some unusual gifting, but that I am simply doing what a pastor is supposed to do.  Think through the grey areas, praying for divine wisdom, and figure out what to do
    • Yes, coming to pastor a dead, dying church filled with 30 elderly folks.  Many of them were not happy with me for several years.  Because I don’t feel I get to determine of whom I will give an account to God (Heb. 13:17), I began to pray that God would give me a love for them and a desire to care for them, even though many did not want my care
    • A man’s call into the ministry should be affirmed by both an internal and external calling.  The internal being that desire the individual has to do the work of the ministry.  The external calling is an affirmation that comes from others outside that individual
    • But the sole responsibility to Test, Train, Affirm and Send a man into the ministry and grant an external call falls upon the local church
    • Expository preaching especially through whole books of the Bible is essential as I feel it is the most faithful way to capture the intent of the biblical authors as well as the most efficient way to make God’s Word central in the life of a local church
    • Wow, not enough room or time to answer this one.  A few big ones that come to mind are to make sure you pick your battles well.  They need to be chosen carefully, wisely, and they need to be well-timed.  My wife saved me on many occasions from what were about to be foolish, badly-timed, and unnecessary battles.  Don’t change anything until you have won the credibility to do so, which must be more than a salary, title, and a sixth month tenure.  At different times I neglected walking with the Lord while running to do ministry.  Additionally, I allowed fear of man to dominate many decisions in the early years.  Spend your time knowing God is watching, verses a grumpy deacon who is out to get you. Don’t allow your own sinful pride and ambition to drive your ministry and your decisions as it did for me on different occasions
    • Walk with Christ by first knowing that he is enough.  Listen and cherish your wife, for if all abandons you, she will still be standing next to you.  Your children are to be discipled and instructed in the Lord before any church member
    • What is greater than moving house is the fact that God moved heaven and earth to give me a Saviour, to draw me  – a hopeless sinner – and make me his precious child. And if moving house is what is going to make more like Jesus and advance his Kingdom, then I say (humbled and weak though I may be): “I trust you, Lord. Start pruning.”

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