What I Read Online – 08/16/2012 (p.m.)

17 Aug
    • “We live in a culture where for the last 30 or 40 years, the collapse of the meaning of biblical masculinity has not produced a beautiful egalitarian society,” Piper observes. “It has produced a brutal masculine society.”
    • “Why don’t you just let go of this complementarian thing so we can all get on together with the work of the gospel? This division between us is just getting in the way.”
    • Questions regarding womanhood and manhood touch on our most intimate and fundamental identities.
    • It’s fascinating to observe the ways in which issues of gender and sexuality dominate cultural interaction on so many levels.
    • Many, including myself, often speak of wanting complementarians and egalitarians (the labels are so laborious and inadequate!) to get along better as brothers and sisters in Christ, to love and pray for each other, to serve and teach each other with respect and humility.
    • Is it not true that, for ongoing communal worship of complementarians and egalitarians, someone’s conscience must be violated?
    • The group that has removed distinctions will with more practical ease call for uninhibited unity. The group that affirms distinctions as biblical will cherish the flourishing life cultivated by those distinctions and will not be willing to relinquish them. The complementarians will be the ones seeming to embrace outdated obstacles to progress, while they believe they are celebrating blessed, centuries-old truths that can be discarded only at the church’s peril.
    • Neither complementarians nor egalitarians are living out their theology sinlessly; there is no earthly utopia that will offer final proof. Neither is there any example of sinful perversion of a biblical truth that will discount the actual truth.
    • Certainly we all need to aim for less finger-pointing and more prayerful humility in both discerning and living out Christ’s call to reflect him in our marriages and our churches.
    • The result was a very helpful series that outline some of the Scriptural basis for thinking through church government from an elder-led congregationalist perspective. If they would be useful to you, links to each sermon are below. 

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