The Acts of the Risen Lord Jesus – Seminar with Alan Thompson

17 Aug

We here at Howick Baptist Church are privileged to host a one day seminar with Alan Thompson on the book of Acts.

I have known Alan for several years now, have always enjoyed his fellowship, and am very excited for this opportunity for others to learn from him.

Alan is lecturer in New Testament at Sydney Missionary Bible College, Croydon, New South Wales, Australia. Originally from New Zealand, Alan completed his Master of Divinity and PhD (in New Testament) at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Chicago, USA. Whilst at Trinity, he was a Teaching Assistant for Eckhard Schnabel, PhD Theological Studies Program Scholar for Willem VanGemeren, and Graduate Assistant for Don Carson. He is the author of One Lord, One People: The Unity of the Church in Acts (Library of New Testament Studies, T & T Clark), The Acts of the Risen Lord Jesus: Luke’s Account of God’s Unfolding Plan (New Studies in Biblical Theology, IVP), and he is currently working on a guide to the Greek text of Luke’s Gospel. Alan is also the New Testament Book Review Editor for Themelios, a theological journal for students and pastors. Alan and his wife Alayne have two daughters.

Recently, Alan and his book have been getting notable attention:

  1. Themelios review of The Acts of the Risen Lord
  2. An interview with Alan at Credo Magazine
  3. Recommendation and preaching quotes by Kevin DeYoung.

At the moment we are expecting approximately 55 people from around Auckland to join us tomorrow as we learn more of God’s unfolding plan of redemption as recorded by Luke in the book of Acts.

Should be a great day!


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