What I Read Online – 08/10/2012 (a.m.)

10 Aug
    • The problems are not limited to a single book.


      Political philosopher Greg Forster, an expert on John Locke, decided to take a look at one of Barton’s essays on Locke and found it to be filled with errors.


      As historian John Fea points out, it appears that virtually no Christian colleges—conservative or otherwise—teach or endorse Barton’s revisionist views, though he is still very popular in some conservative Christian circles (especially in some, though of course not all, homeschooling networks).


      This is actually a very interesting test case for those who have bought in to Barton’s historiography, methodology, and conclusions. Do we care about the truth, or do the conclusions we want to hear justify the means used to obtain them?

    • believe this to be an unwarranted (and, indeed, given its dependence upon the nebulous and rather subjective concept of ‘ethos,’ both unverifiable and unfalsifiable) generalized claim which presupposes the broad incompatibility, or at least the normative separability and opposition of agendas, of academic research and piety. 
    • Growing up as a preacher’s kid has really grounded me. I’ve grown up with these amazing parents who are hard workers, and they truly live out their faith. They’ve been amazing role models for me. I feel like I really picked up on what they taught me and kept that with me all along in my running and in my career
    • Put it like this – if your minister burns out, you may have to carry on his ministry anyway, with the added burden of having a burnt out minister, quite possibly a broken marriage and a deflated church
    • This will not apply to you if you’re minister is single, but let’s assume for a moment he’s not. Do you know the pressure ministry puts on ministry families? It’s greatly underestimated
    • It does depend, of course, how a minister shapes his sabbatical. But unless he’s just inward looking – focusing on his own walk (a dangerous path if that’s all he’s doing), there is a great opportunity to widen the church’s influence. I personally think that world mission can benefit greatly from sabbaticals
    • People may have to learn new skills. Some things may have to be dropped – and you may discover you don’t miss them anyway! Again, it would be nice if this kind of assessment and reshaping happened all the time, but we all know

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