What I Read Online – 08/04/2012 (a.m.)

04 Aug
    • In our amazing era of digital immediacy, I can tell the world where I am and what I’m doing while I’m doing it. I can present myself as a busy man living a rich and full life. I can take pictures of my meals, log my locations, snap photos of the people I’m with, and weigh in on what’s happening around the globe 140 characters at a time. But none of these things mean I’ve been paying attention.


    • Life is filled with wonder and beauty. Tonight’s sunset is a gift we cannot preserve for tomorrow. But tomorrow, we’ll get a new one. And another the night after that. It’s okay to put away our cameras.
    • I’ve enjoyed looking at some of the 9 Marks material. I’m not sure why there are 9 marks and not 10 or 11. Prayer and Mercy ministry might be two you could add. Some feel slightly arbitrary. What we should rejoice in is that Mark Dever and his band of merry men are churchmen and are getting people and pastors to be excited about the local church and for that we should support them and pray for them.

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