What I Read Online – 07/30/2012 (p.m.)

31 Jul
    • I am a child of God, a friend, a teacher, a woman, a daughter, a sister, a mentor, a book-lover, and the list goes on—so many important aspects of my identity that nobody ever asks me to write my thoughts on. But my false and faintly feminist response is missing the point, and it is not even how I feel. The fact that it came into my mind is proof that singleness is a particularly fraught area. If I’m honest with myself, being single is a major shaping influence in my life, and my singleness is something that I more often have to reckon with than my sister-ness. Singleness is not just a state of life one finds oneself in (unlike daughter-ness), and the mixed messages we get from the church and our surrounding cultures about singleness are exactly what make singleness something that Christians need to talk about.

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