What I Read Online – 07/21/2012 (a.m.)

21 Jul
    • It is critically important to develop and maintain a culture of reading in your family. This has never been more difficult than now, during the age of personal electronics
    • Against this explosion of technology, we must fight to retain the simple skill and discipline of reading, a skill irreplaceable by technology, and the key to learning
    • But, most importantly, reading is a way we can get to know God
    • It’s a great gift to be able to read God’s Word. You can encourage your children to cultivate that gift through developing a culture of reading in your family
    • Read to your children – Reading is kind of like a virus – it’s catchy
    • Fill your home with good books – It doesn’t cost a penny to take your children twice monthly to the library and borrow a bag full of books
    • Limit TV and other media
    • Read a classic to your children
    • Keep the Bible central to your reading – Daily Bible devotions help you keep God’s Word the most important reading you do as a family.
    • Give your children good books for presents – Every Christmas we give our children books
    • Once your children catch the reading bug, you will have to keep up with them, taking more library trips and giving them suggestions on what to read. When they hit college and find out that you actually need to read to get good grades, they will thank you

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