What I Read Online – 07/05/2012 (a.m.)

05 Jul
    • While God the Father is spirit, and therefore is not a sexual being nor is he “male,” he chooses to predominantly reveal himself in masculine language in Scripture.
    • One of his major discoveries was while feminine metaphors for God’s activity are sometimes used, and used to illustrate the tender nurturing character of God, none of these references include feminine titles for God.
    • Theologian John Frame makes an additional point that feminine imagery in Scripture is often intentionally applied to men. This is true of Paul’s references in Galatians 4:19 and 1 Thessalonians 2:7. Obviously, Paul’s male-ness is never brought into question by these female metaphors.
    • And yet, J. I. Packer, in his greatest book, and in perhaps the greatest chapter of his greatest book, tells us that the key to understanding creation and redemption and adoption and therefore all of Christianity, is bound up in the Fatherhood of God.4 In other words, we cannot dismiss this masculine title and role for God as Father and hope to arrive at a clearer understanding of what Christianity or creation is all about.
    • the rejection of God’s masculine character and authority went hand-in-hand with a denial of God’s Lordship.5 That makes sense. If God is not masculine, then he is not Lord, and he therefore no longer stands as the sovereign Lord over all.
    • Why would anyone pray for the conversation of their loved one if God were not sovereign in dispensing his grace?
    • (Now, Roger, I do have to quibble here: Who on earth, including the staunchest Calvinist, is going to mean by that, “I am asking God…to force them to repent and believe”? Again, you have to look at our confessions for our views on the subject and they all unanimously teach that in effectually calling us the Spirit does not coerce or force our will, but frees it from its bondage to sin and death. Faith is entirely the gift of God and entirely the free response of a human being who has been made alive by the Spirit through the gospel.)
    • God does use means (including our prayers) to accomplish his purposes, it is a good thing indeed that Christians of any stripe are asking God to bring their loved ones—and ours—to saving faith in Christ, just as God used the prayers of all sorts of people in our case. And it’s a good thing that God can in fact answer that prayer, isn’t it?

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