What I Read Online – 06/28/2012 (a.m.)

28 Jun
      • YouVersion Releases Daily Devotional from John Piper













        The YouVersion Bible app recently reached 50 million downloads. A true leader in the market, they provide a free Bible app in over 144 languages, are ranked as the first Bible app on iTunes, and have a 5-star rating based on over 400,000 ratings worldwide.


        So we’re excited to announce that they have just released a new devotional plan from John Piper.


        The devotional is a 15-day reading plan that features content on the sovereignty of God, personal holiness, joy,

    • When someone has a problem, we tend these days to focus on the specifics of the issue one-on-one rather than, in the first instance at least, point to the general provisions of God’s grace in the preaching of the word and then the administration of the Supper
    • The Lord’s Supper is important.  It is important for biblical obedience.  It is important for church discipline.  It is important for comforting the afflicted and the weak.  We neglect it to our very great impoverishment.
    • The Bible serves as the constitution of the Christian faith. It is the covenant documentation. It defines the Christian church: what constitutes the church, what is its mission, who runs the church and how it should be run, what are the responsibilities of the church, what is the scope of its authority, what laws govern the church and its members, and so forth. Once the constitution has been written, the task of the ‘judges’ (the elders/overseers of the church) is to interpret and apply it according to its original intent. Their task is not to create new laws or to come up with “interpretations” that cannot be found in the text of the constitution itself (interpreted according to original intent) and would never have crossed the minds of the “founding fathers” (Eph. 2:20).
      • Thus, even though Rome claims that the Bible is its ultimate authority, practically speaking it is the church that is the ultimate authority.   Rome is committed to sola ecclesia.  And this clarifies the real difference between Protestants and Catholics.  Something has to be the ultimate authority.  It is either Scripture or the church.


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