What I Read Online – 06/27/2012 (p.m.)

28 Jun
    • So how does a Calvinist diagnose our problem? Why are so many of our churches small and dying? Why do we baptize so few new believers? Why don’t we have more large churches welcoming thousands of new members? Why does so much of our supposed growth come from church transfers? More importantly, what’s our solution?
    • Longing for a sense of transcendence, desiring personal transformation, and seeking a connection with tradition, many young evangelicals have found God-saturated, gospel-centered resources in Calvinism.
    • Because our churches aren’t really dying for want of Calvinism, nor as a result of Calvinism. Churches die when they no longer help you see God high and lifted up. When they forsake the costly path of discipleship. When they cast aside the Christian past as a hindrance to growth goals.
    • Sinners can distort any biblical truth, and God can work even through flawed churches. Good thing, because every church is at least a little dysfunctional in its own way.
    • In no way does our shared calling invalidate the significance of our disagreement. But this urgent calling offers perspective on our foolish and inexcusable tendency to mistreat fellow blood-bought believers in Christ.

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