What I Read Online – 06/26/2012 (p.m.)

27 Jun
    • Don’t say it can’t happen to you.
    • Repent of your pride and self-righteousness
    • Put all the needed safeguards in place–and keep them there
    • Don’t just have a plurality of elders in place–have one in practice
    • Make your wife your partner in purity
    • When in doubt, err on the side of caution
    • Never forget that we are in a spiritual battle with real winners and losers
    • You need a more flexible vocabulary of heresiology. John Wesley’s longest treatise was on original sin, and he affirmed it, right down to the bondage of the will. He put a sermon on the subject into his Standard Sermons. The Wesleyan emphasis on sinners being enabled to respond to the gospel has nothing to do with a high view of human abilities, and everything to do with an optimism of grace and a trust in the Holy Spirit’s prevenient work.
    • But it’s hard to beat J. I. Packer in any theological camp. He once called Wesley an inconsistent Calvinist. That’s a cute and feisty way of affirming the common ground we share. I like to think of Packer as an inconsistent Wesleyan. He won’t read this, will he?

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