What I Read Online – 06/26/2012 (a.m.)

26 Jun
    • Scripture clearly delineates that worship is an obligation of all men – whether redeemed or not.
    •  On the basis of Scriptural principle and of Scriptural example, we can state the Christians calling involves regular, even daily communion and worship with God. What we (mis)name as “devotions” should be re-named worship. We should think of it as such. Where individual worship is cherished and practiced faithfully, family worship and corporate worship are likewise reverenced.
    • When families come together to worship, heads of households are taking up the roles that we see delineated in Scripture.
    • Yet corporate worship is the pinnacle of worship. We are reminded that in heaven there are no “individuals,” only God’s people.
    • The church does not exist in its own right, nor it is to be regarded as other civil institutions or unions. It is not a club consisting of voluntary members. Neither is it self-determining. The church exists, both in its origins and prerogatives in and through Christ. Jesus Christ is the supreme head of the church. He tells Peter “On this rock I will build my church” (Matt 16:18). It is his own personal possession.  The church thus exists and is run according to the will and rule of Christ. Not one single member of the church of Christ exists outside of this authority. Every aspect of church life, including membership and worship, takes place under the authority of Christ.
    • What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.


    • The physical remains of writings can give us an indication of their relative popularity.  Such remains can tell us which books were used, read, and copied
    • While scholars typically focus on whether apocryphal books are cited, they have not paid sufficient attention to how often they are cited in comparison to the canonical writings.  When that data is considered, the disparity between apocryphal and canonical writings becomes even more evident.
    • Ministry of the Word and Prayer
    • Deliberate care of souls
    • Necessary Church Administration

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