What I Read Online – 06/16/2012 (p.m.)

17 Jun
    • Be it known, however, that to battle courageously is not such a heavy task as you allow yourself to believe. To always battle and succumb, or always to be equally matched in force, causing the outcome of the battle to be in doubt, is indeed a heavy task. It is a joyous task, however, to conquer as you are fighting, to proceed while conquering one city after another, and to humiliate the enemy battle after battle. Such will be the case if you but conduct yourself courageously, commensurate with you strength—be it that you battle as a child, a young man, or a man. You are so fearful of the battle because you do not proceed courageously, instead, due to your laxity, carelessness and lack of seriousness you give the enemy the opportunity to get the advantage over you. This makes them more courageous and you become weaker. Therefore, lift yourself up in the ways of the Lord and courageously engage yourself. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. (342-342)
    • This post is the first in what could become an on-going series of conversations with Bill,  a correspondent who wrote to me having begun to read my book “Who made God? Searching for a theory of everything”. The exchanges are, I think, self-explanatory and Bill has kindly agreed to my posting them here — because he is genuinely looking for answers that could possibly be helpful to others in his position. I am most grateful to him for this. Greetings and signing-off salutations have been removed throughout to conserve space.

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