What I Read Online – 06/07/2012 (p.m.)

08 Jun
    • Generous congregations, hard working ministers
    • Our teaching and Bible study should help students engage with Scripture. Long ago I moved away from the traditional youth talk of sharing my ideas supported by a few verses.
    • So where do messy games come into play? I don’t think they have a place in our regular youth group meetings when we are centered around content and context. That sort of silliness belongs in camps, retreats, and other times when we have already done a lot of teaching and just want to have simple fun. Our regular time is too precious and limited to give away to silliness. Some of my friends in youth ministry would argue that we need humor to help students drop their guard or to break the ice. I would suggest that lively interaction where students get to really know each other accomplishes this purpose. If our teaching and discussions are lively, and we do not inhibit our own sense of humor, then even our content is fun and their guard drops.
    • Dabney on Parental Responsibility (.pdf)

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