What I Read Online – 06/05/2012 (a.m.)

05 Jun
    • Much emphasis is put today on adopting the idioms of the world around in order to build bridges to the wider, increasingly secular culture. If one looks at some of the more prominent conservative evangelical organizations and websites, one might be forgiven for concluding that cultural savvy and an interest in the arts are among the key priorities for the Christian ministry. Now, the motivation for such is often a praiseworthy one: a desire to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to a world that is perishing. Yet, however virtuous the intention may be, this project has, I believe, eclipsed the painfully obvious and vitally important priorities of the biblical vision of the Christian life in general and the ministry in particular. Have you noticed how the term ‘godliness’ appears so rarely in discussions of what is important for ministry today? How the words ‘piety’ and ‘pious’ have come to be used almost always in a pejorative sense? How ‘heavenly mindedness’ has come to be seen by some as the real problem in the church, rather than worldliness and the aping of the secular culture? It is a strange church culture indeed where such things are now commonplace.
    • but I also hope that you do not see this as the end of the learning process or as the last moment of spiritual, doctrinal struggle which you will experience. The minister must always be learning, always reading, always pressing on with his studies. Seminary provides time to develop good study skills and to lay a foundation of good theology; but it does not give all the answers to the questions you will be asked in subsequent years
    • But for the minister, there is no regular sitting under the word, no word that regularly comes to him from outside, because he is responsible to preach the word to others on the Lord’s Day. Thus, you need to be especially diligent to make sure you take every opportunity you can, few as they may be, to sit under the word, and to do so with a humble, prayerful and receptive spirit
    • There is inevitably much more in this short verse from Paul than I can address in this brief charge.  May I close by moving from the rather stark warnings I have given and finish with some words of encouragement? The gospel is the power of God to salvation. Christ’s great work is quite sufficient not only to make salvation possible but also to make it actual in the lives of individuals. As you pay close attention to your lives and to your doctrine, be confident that the Lord who bought you with his blood will also give all things to those who ask him and will bring to perfection that work which he has begun in them. Pay close attention to your life and doctrine; and rejoice that the power of the gospel you are to take forth from this place does not reside in you but in the One who rules above all things.
    • Be Willing to Talk About Anything
    • You Do Not Parent At Your Convenience
    • Let Your Children See Sin’s Consequences
    • Be a Parent to Become a Friend.

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