What I Read Online – 06/02/2012 (p.m.)

03 Jun
    • We are all, therefore, dependent to some extent on the work of others.  Yet there seems to me to be a difference between personally wrestling with how to connect a biblical passage to a congregation and using various books on our shelves to do so, and sending our questions and requests to a group of paid researchers to do that work for us
    • But this is not training so much as an ongoing service which will take money on a regular basis away from kingdom work with no real, lasting results.   If you do not have a wealthy church, you should not waste its money on paying other people to do the work the church pays you to do.
    • Is being called as a congregation’s pastor not being called to make serving that congregation by preaching the number one priority
    • Fourth, and I feel I repeat myself here: if James 3:1 holds, then I want to make sure that I consciously own every word that comes from my mouth in address to my congregation.  I am not going to trust an anonymous researcher in such a context.
    • Underlying it all, of course, is American conservative evangelicalism’s dirty little secret: the movement, such as it is, embraces mutually incompatible views of the ministerial calling which presumably must rest on mutually incompatible theologies of ministry.  There are those who think ministry is, above all else, about preaching the word in the local congregation and that that is to be the pastor’s top priority bar none, from the choice of passage to its final delivery.  And there are those for whom ministry is – well, to be honest, I do not really know what exactly they think it is.  I cannot describe it because websites such as this are just more evidence that, whatever it is, I do not have the categories to explain it sympathetically to others.

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