What I Read Online – 06/01/2012 (p.m.)

02 Jun
    • As I have mentioned previously, young-earth creationists are in debt to Charles Darwin, because he allows us to understand how an ark filled with two of every kind of animal (and seven each of the clean kinds) could produce all the biological diversity we see today.
    • Where we differ from modern evolutionists is that we think biological change is limited by genetics. There is a certain amount of information in a genome, and varying what kind of information is expressed in the organism will produce all sorts of diversity within a genome. However, it is not possible to add information to a genome, so it is not possible to fundamentally change a genome.
    • This is exactly what the young-earth creationist view of adaptation would suggest. The kind of lizard from which Italian wall lizards descended had the genetic instructions for cecal valves. Because Italian wall lizards didn’t need them, however, the genes were not active in that species. They were still there, however. Thus, when the lizards needed to eat more vegetation, the genetic instructions for cecal valves were activated again, allowing rapid adaptation to the new conditions.

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