What I Read Online – 05/29/2012 (p.m.)

30 May
        • there’s no guarantee that you will ever get to the right answer unless you are faithful to the text and use the method. OK, it worked here. But somewhere else, it will not work and you’ll end up with the wrong answer
        •   if this is the kind of thing you need to include in a sermon (and there’s no need to particularly) then you will not only be using a wrong approach yourself, but you will be teaching it to others
        •   in this particular case, the tendency is to elevate a slightly gnostic view of the text (I worked out this clever thing) with a much more basic approach – what does, for example, 1 Cor 15 say about it.


        So, yep. The right answer from the right approach is always what we pursue. 

    • It is daily working to treasure what God says is important in our personal lives and ministries.
    • Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made but woefully and tragically fallen.
    • Yet we need to exercise special caution in assigning moods and behaviors to neurologically based deficiencies. When counseling the whole person holistically, we should not allow counselees or patients to reduce their problems to medically based solutions. Perhaps the medicines are essential to their health, but other considerations are just as important. People must look at their social context and their spiritual needs along with bodily deficiencies. I’ve worked with counselees who have benefited from depression or anxiety medication while working through circumstances and relationships to bring more stability to their lives. Once their lives reached greater levels of health and stability, they were able to progressively move away from the medicinal supports.

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