What I Read Online – 05/25/2012 (a.m.)

25 May
    • While the existence of theistic evolution is certainly not new, I have been struck by the degree to which it is promoted with evangelistic zeal by Biologos.  The goal of this organization is not just that theistic evolution would be viewed as an “allowable” view amongst Christians, but that theistic evolution would be seen as the only viable choice for believing Christians.  This trend is evident in the most recent Biologos newsletter which provided a recap of the March 20-22, 2012 Biologos conference entitled Theology of Celebration III (hosted by PCA pastor Tim Keller @ Redeemer NYC
    • In essence, Biologos is on a quest to rescue the church from non-theistic evolutionists
    • What is stunning about all of this is the absolute, unequivocal, and almost religious certainty Biologos has about evolution.  It is absolutely undisputed—it cannot be questioned.  Ironically, at the same time, the meaning of the earliest chapters of Genesis is entirely uncertain, unclear, and very much in dispute.  It could mean just about anything, we are told (except for straightforward history). Put differently, when it comes to interpreting Genesis no certainty is possible, but when it comes to interpreting scientific evidence then apparently certainty is possible.  But why is this?  Is science immune to subjectivity of interpretation?  Is science a neutral enterprise that involves no perspectives and no bias?  Biologos, it seems, has a misplaced confidence in modern science.
    • Do ask about important doctrines, but do not press for massive changes. I have no problem with newcomers asking me where our church stands on gender roles or homosexuality or justification. It can be a very good sign when someone takes doctrine this seriously. But if you have been at the church for a month and already want to inquire about a new worship style, a new approach to children’s ministry, or a new stance on spiritual gifts, then you either need to keep a number of things to yourself for awhile (or forever!) or check out a different church.

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