What I Read Online – 05/17/2012 (a.m.)

17 May
    • Why Be Confessional?
    • hould I decline to co-lead a Bible study if there are men in the group? Should I cover my head (and if so, would an old towel do)? Should I keep silent during the public question time in church at the end of the Bible talk? To whom am I to submit, since I don’t have a husband—to all men? In everything?
    • But let me ask you: have you ever genuinely allowed room in your heart and your mind for the possibility that the answer to any of these questions is yes?
    • Claire takes us through seven key biblical texts that deal with how men and women are to relate: the four passages I mentioned above, plus 1 Peter 3, Genesis 1-3 and Proverbs 31. Claire devotes one chapter to each passage, taking the time to deal with the biblical text very carefully. She also explains the various arguments people make as to why the text doesn’t really say what it appears to say, and then she gently explains why these arguments just won’t do. Most importantly, she does all of this in plain, easy-to-read language.
    • Let’s just admit it.  We rarely pay attention to the final greetings that Paul offers at the end of his letters.  Such personal statements are, well, too personal—they just don’t seem meant for us
    • What is interesting about early Christians is that they vastly preferred the codex book format over the scroll even though both the Jewish world and the Greco-Roman world preferred the scroll. Indeed, the reason for the widespread and early use of the codex amongst Christians is a great mystery that scholars have sought to solve for a very long time
    • The reference he gives (Freeman 2002) is The Closing of the Western Mind by Charles Freeman. Like his discussion of Intelligent Design before it, this quote is 100% false.



    • Behold the compassion of the Lord: the healing of this woman was no cheap stunt

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