What I Read Online – 05/03/2012 (p.m.)

04 May
    • We can be grateful to Thompson for a profound, convincing, and delightful work on the theology of Acts. It is a much needed work, for there are few theologies of Acts written, and I can’t think of one that is more accessible and faithful.
    • A pastor must be a jack-of-all-trades—spiritual leader, preacher, counselor, evangelist, Bible scholar, theologian, cultural critic, CEO, social worker, family man, and all-round good guy.
    • For this reason, I believe the most important thing for a pastor to be good at is deepening his grasp of God’s gospel and its implications for every area of life. That is, we are to be gospel-centered in our thinking, in our living, and in our pastoring.
    • First, we must let the gospel shape our own lives before we minister to others. We must remember that pastoring is, first of all, not about our “ministry skills” but who we are as men “in Christ,” called as God’s servants to shepherd his flock.
    • One way is to find opportunities to engage in evangelism. Sharing the gospel with unbelievers sharpens our own appreciation of its goodness, truth, and beauty.
    • And without question, we must be readers.

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