What I Read Online – 05/02/2012 (a.m.)

02 May
    • Cut to the complementarian ‘side’. The response to Piper’s quote reinforces my overall impressions that complementarians divide off from each other relatively easily and often with a fair degree of heat in our comments about each other.
    • “Bad” complementarians make many complementarians do some soul-searching as to whether the complementarian view is all it’s accused of being by egalitarianism. It also means that complementarians are relatively quick to throw each other under the bus for either giving too much of the game away to egalitarianism, or for being too restrictive or too dishonouring of women in the restrictions on women’s authority it holds to, or in its explaining the rationale for the restrictions on women. When someone like Piper says something other complementarians don’t like, the reaction will often be either dismissal of the view as strange and chauvinistic and so somewhat ridiculous, or distress at how much harder he’s made it for other complementarians to stay in the camp.
    • I also think that everyone should be aware that their views will have an inbuilt weakness towards something bad theologically and be on guard against that, and so the lack of concern among egalitarians about an inbuilt weakness towards liberalism (for they’re hardly in danger of becoming fundamentalists) does send alarm bells
    • is there something endemic not just to megachurches, but to post-1950s-evangelicalism as a whole that, over time, tends to undermine the very doctrinal convictions which makes us evangelicals?
    • GOSPEL COMPROMISE? The question that I would like to pose is, did our original evangelical starting point ultimately leave the gospel unguarded? We chose to treat the church with an open hand—pragmatically—in order to help the spread of the gospel. But did this very first step put us at risk of theological compromise? Mohler points toward the example of one pulpit which is promoting a gospel without repentance. But it’s not too hard to find other examples.

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