What I Read Online – 04/19/2012 (a.m.)

19 Apr
    • That is, it wasn’t simply people who reject the idea that gender is an issue in the structure of family and church who didn’t like what Piper said, there were also people who strongly disagreed with his statement yet who identified themselves as complementarians. Egalitarians were unanimous in their opposition (as you’d expect) but complementarians were divided.
    • Yes, high risk strategies are, by definition, more prone to causing misunderstandings. But they are better able to do things than other approaches that focus on clarity and removing the possibility of misunderstanding. We need to use all the resources that language offers us—not individually (some of us shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a hyperbole)—but as a group.
    • So, I am excited for them. It has been a long journey. Ten solid months of weekly visits (whenever I was in town!). They had one advantage. They were always sincere. They never tried to pretend that they had given their lives to Christ when they had not. On a few occasions they would say to me, “Pastor, we know you must be feeling discouraged. We must be a real disappointment to you.” I would say to them, “Don’t worry, as long as you are still interested in me coming to visit you, I will continue to come. The day I notice that you are deliberately avoiding me, I will go to another home.” Well, as it turned out, their sincerity finally paid off. I could not miss the joy, especially on the wife’s face, even as she kept wiping the tears from her face—tears of joy!

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