What I Read Online – 04/18/2012 (a.m.)

18 Apr
    • I learn not to expect perfection
    • I learn patience
    • I learn to care
    • I learn to pray
    • I learn to teach my children
    • So I go back to another day of getting on with my life and caring for my son at the same time. I ask how he’s feeling. I get him a drink. I do some chores. I check how he’s going. I pray, yet more prayers, that God would restore his health. This is normality. This is life. This is the Christian life. And I will trust my heavenly Father, and encourage my children to do the same.
    • Fifty or 60 years ago, the Church had almost automatic outlet in the daily media for its message. That is no longer the case, and Christians need to become more media-savvy in order to communicate to the wider world.

      NZ Christian Network staff member John McNeil – a veteran journalist and broadcaster – has written a helpful guide for those wanting to break through.

      Download from the link below.

    • What Does It Mean to Be a Christian Philosopher?

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