What I Read Online – 04/15/2012 (a.m.)

15 Apr
    • The first is to give thanks
    • repent and believe the gospel
    • The last step is as simple and easy as the first two-I must do the first thing on my list.
    • You have to try to balance the burdens you feel to care for your flock with the burden to care for you family.  We have to try to use wisdom to know how much to let you go and care for our church and how much to encourage you to draw boundaries and protect our family time.  We have the unique challenge of trying to be gracious with your crazy schedules and help our children to be gracious as well.  I have come to realize that probably my biggest challenge of all has just been to let my husband know when I am feeling overwhelmed with our life.
    • And I intend to go to T4G as an attender next time.  It is big but it is just a conference, not a movement.  It knows its place and it is modest, or as modest as it can be, given the nature of the event, both in style and ambition.  I’m glad the ‘guy who cries’ was put on my case.

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