What I Read Online – 04/10/2012 (p.m.)

11 Apr
    • In 2012, though, everything has changed. Rappers motivated by the gospel are accomplishing the following: crashing the Billboard album sales charts, touring internationally, freestyling before millions at secular awards shows, sampling John Piper sermons, interning for Mark Dever, shooting around with NBA stars before games, getting shout-outs from Jeremy Lin, and much, much more.
    • The Good Life offers a rich spirituality of pleasure, one grounded in a great and saving God. It is an edifying and enjoyable album, one that will bless listeners of all ages and backgrounds. Parents looking for excellent rap can fully trust and give this CD to their kids; believers trying to mature in Christ can find a rich presentation of Godward pleasure; and the aforementioned pastor who buys this album “for the kids” will find abundant reasons to “slip out to the grocery store” in order to put the windows down, turn the speakers up, and shake the back window of the car.
    • That a youth ministry “teaches the Bible” does not necessarily mean it teaches the gospel. Many mistake the gospel with moralism—being a good person, reading your Bible, or opening the door for the elderly in order to earn God’s favor. But the gospel is altogether different.


    • This is where the importance of method comes to the forefront, which (unfortunately) is often disassociated with theology. While our theology of the gospel should inform our method, the American church—to a large extent—has practiced just the reverse. The question on many youth leaders’ minds is, “How do we get bored teenagers into the church?” The question should be, “How are we to faithfully plant and water the gospel of Jesus Christ for his glory and our joy in him?”

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