What I Read Online – 04/07/2012 (a.m.)

07 Apr
    • Christ in his passion was mocked on several occasions and each time the mockery occupied a unique place in his experience. First he was mocked by Israel, next he was mocked by the pagan world, then by a descendant of Edom, a false brother, and finally by all these together. He was mocked by the Sanhedrin, by Pilate’s soldiers, by Herod and then by them all as they stood before the cross….


      In the midst of this gruesome abuse our Lord stood unflinchingly, leaving himself at the mercy of his enemies, he who by a word could have destroyed them. But he maintained the omnipotence of his silence…. In his bearing in the midst of vile abuse, the Saviour left us an example that we should follow in his steps. We cannot be faithful to Christ in this world and avoid reproach and contempt, and in this our bearing should correspond in some measure to that of the master when he was so defamed.


      — Frederick S. Leahy, The Cross He Bore (pp. 58-59)

    • A Propitiating High Priest
    • A Replacing High Priest
    • An Innocent High Priest
    • An Exceptional High Priest
    • A Suffering High Priest
    • A Total High Priest
    • The gospel’s effects are deep and wide, so you can start anywhere in the argument.
    • On one hand, don’t assume that you and your conversation partner share the same assumptions. On the other hand, don’t assume that you don’t share any common ground. Especially to the extent that one has been shaped by the naturalistic presuppositions that dominate academic culture in our day, a claim like the resurrection will be ruled impossible at the start. Miracles do not happen because they cannot happen: that’s the a priori assumption of the deistic/atheistic worldview of today’s Epicureans.
    • Remind yourself that the Spirit alone can give people faith through the gospel.
    • First, the New Testament itself provides historical access to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. To be sure, Scripture is the authoritative Word of God. However, even in conversation with those who do not share this conviction, we can point out that the New Testament texts enjoy an unrivaled transmission history compared with other historical texts.
    • Second, there is the evidence of the Old Testament prophecies. Perhaps a first-century Jew could have claimed one or two, but the probability of one person fulfilling literally hundreds of these prophecies made centuries before is statistically impossible. Except that one actually did. Like Cinderella, Jesus is the only one who fits the glass slipper of Old Testament promise.
    • Ancient Jewish, Roman, and Christian sources agree that Jesus lived, died, and was buried.
    • Today, like every day since the first Easter, some mock, others express openness to further discussion, while still others embrace the Risen Christ, exclaiming with Thomas, “My Lord and my God!” (Jn 20:28).
    • First, the resurrection means that Jesus’s claims concerning himself must be ours.
    • Second, the resurrection means that Jesus’ view of Scripture must also be ours.
    • expiation and propitiation
    • expiation
    • In biblical terms, it has to do with taking away guilt through the payment of a penalty or the offering of an atonement
    • propitiation
    • propitiation brings about a change in God’s attitude, so that He moves from being at enmity with us to being for us
    • Together, expiation and propitiation constitute an act of placation. Christ did His work on the cross to placate the wrath of God.

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