What I Read Online – 04/03/2012 (a.m.)

03 Apr
    • This archive contains all issues of Foundations from issue number 1 in Autumn 1978. Articles are in pdf format and can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate article title. To download the whole issue, click on the main heading of the issue.
    • This has led many in the Reformed world to declare themselves as “four-point Calvinists.”
    • Two things should be noted as a result of this. First, the belief of some who are Calvinistic that Christ died for all is not necessarily Amyraldian. Unless it is tied to a sophisticated reconstruction of the eternal covenants and their implications, it is perhaps better referred to with a more general term such as “hypothetical universalism.”
    • One last point: although the Reformed Orthodox disagreed with the Amyraldians on this point and even regarded it as a serious error, they still considered them to be brothers and sisters in the faith.
    • Thus, it seems some degree of limitation and exclusion is already implied in the term “Scripture.”
    • The fact of the matter is that when we look into the history of the canon we realize that there was never a time where the boundaries of the New Testament were closed in the way the exclusive definition would require.

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